A 5% increase in loyalty can increase your profitability 75%

Let us show you how to reward your current customers and build lasting new relationships  

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 Retention has 2-3 times more impact on your growth than acquisition so we have put together 2 loyalty programs that will increase your revenue

Shopify Loyalty

With our Shopify loyalty program, you can seamlessly reward your customers for shopping in store and online. They'll receive points for each purchase and all rewards can be redeemed in store or online! This is perfect for both online only and those with online and a brick and mortar, mobile boutique or those who do pop ups!


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 Stamp Card

Looking for a simple but effective way to reward your customers? Our Brick and Mortar stamp card is perfect for boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, florists and other local businesses looking for a great way to grow your relationships and revenue!


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Messenger Marketing Consult

You have heard great things about Messenger Marketing (or maybe nothing at all!) but you are intrigued! Schedule a 50 minute strategy call where I help you map out a plan to help grow your revenue and relationships!

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Hi, I'm Beth.

I love helping businesses grow their relationships and revenue through Messenger Marketing and Loyatly Programs! These are just a few of the reasons our loyalty program is the best around:

- A branded loyalty card stored in mobile wallet allows us to send push notifications to a locked screen allowing us an additional form of communication

- Push notifications can increase redemption rates by 15%

- Monthly reports including installs, redeptions and analytics, including customer emails and phone numbers

- Open rates up to 80% compared to email

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The Proof is in the ROI

Are you tired of throwing money away on marketing but not sure if you are actually making in any money? Use our ROI calculator to see how implementing our program can lead to massive results! 


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